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Voice Straw designs the most effective and complete vocal training tools on the market.

More than just "singing through a straw." Voice Straw is backed by over than 20 years of science. Our ground-breaking and comprehensive vocal tools keep your voice strong, healthy and balanced. So whether you are professional singer, actor, or speaker—or you just want to sing at a night of karaoke—we're here to help you keep your voice in check.

Singer singing with The Voice Straw - the best vocal training tool for singers

Why Voice Straw?

The Voice Straw is the complete training tool for singers, actors, speakers, school teachers, and other frequent voice users. Using your voice should be effortless! Our straws are uniquely designed to release tension, relieve strain, and reduce vocal breathiness, cracking and flipping.

The Voice Straw is backed by over 20 years of scientific research that has proven to benefit voice users by encouraging more efficient vocal fold movement, adjusting the vocal tract into peak position and creating vocal balance.

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  • The Voice Straw Creator (part 1)

    On this week's episode of Voice Acting with Veronica Barrera, we have the talented singer, speaker and coach Mindy Pack on the show! She helped create The Voice Straw and has worked some of the biggest clients in the world. Her knowledge about vocal care is something we are excited to bring you. This is a part two series, because it was such an informative discussion. 



  • Points of Xperience

    Mindy Pack, creator of Voice Straw and vocal coach to celebrities like Common, Lil Nas X, Justin Timberlake, and many more joins us on the show to talk all things vocal health. Straw Phonation has been a part of my health routine for many years and Voice Straw is a product that has saved my voice numerous times. We are also offering a 10% discount on Voice Straw to PoX listeners—click here!



  • Removing the "Rock" with Mindy Pack

    This week, Kiff's guest is the brilliant and hilarious Mindy Pack—a vocal coach, performer and has creator of the Voice Straw. She discusses daily practice, vocal health, preventing problems and how to use this fabulous tool to navigate vocal stress and exertions.  

    For ALL OVER VO listeners, you can get your own Voice Straw at a 10% discount here.

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  • Singing on Tour with Mindy Pack

    Mindy Pack is a leading celebrity voice teacher who is steeped in the latest voice science.
    In this episode of "The Intelligent Vocalist" podcast , Mindy gives her best advice for staying healthy on the road, as well as her approach to straw-based phonation.