The Voice Straw

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  • 2- 5 inch stainless steel straws with a 3 mm diameter
  • 1- 7 inch stainless steel straw with a 3 mm diameter
  • 1- 7 in stainless steel straw with a 6 mm diameter.
  • 1- Cleaning wand
  • 1- micro fiber polishing cloth
  • 1- velvet carrying pouch


The straw is a training and rehabilitation tool. It is all about pressure and resistance in the throat. There are plenty of straws out there but the Voice Straw offers a few unique features that truly leverage the science it is founded on.

Based on exceptional science and peer-reviewed studies, including pioneering work by voice scientist, Ingo Titze, we realized the Voice Straw would be the most important tool in a singer’s toolbox.

This is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Some voice users will require a larger straw, others a smaller size. We provided both options because we understand how the straw works. The diameter of the straw relates to the open phase of the vocal folds, you get the most efficient outcome for your voice. Over time, you may find a smaller size works better as you become more efficient. Your voice and voice demands are always going to change because we are working with human tissue.   This is the reason you have options for sizing with the voice straw.

Cleaning Instructions

Hand wash with liquid soap and cleaning wand.  Air Dry


Customer Reviews

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Sue Munns

I still have not received it.

Hannah C
Daily use!

I love my voice straw!! I keep it in my purse for daily use!

Mike Oakden

The Voice Straw

Fab product

The metallic straws are well made and look great. Easy to use, clean and maintain. The 4 straws, cleaning brush and cloth have a chic black carry pouch with silver lettering and this entire product comes in a neat black box with “Voice Straw” written in silver. I love this product and use it daily. The price is well worth the value. Would recommend to all singer friends.

Wendy Parr
Phenomenal Product

I am so thrilled with the entire kit! All my professionals are using it and I recommend it to every artist I work with. It's a game changer for vocalists, speakers... Best straw out there for proper adjustments and impact!

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Speech Therapist Recommended

I am doing some rehab and my speech therapist recommended doing straw exercises. Got the kit and she was so impressed she took down the info to share with other patients. I've already started to notice a difference. As a voice actor this is a game changer and I can record longer w/out my voice getting rough.


The Voice Cups
Wilma Wever
Great tool to improve your voice technique

I've worked for a long time with the straw for myself and my students and find it very beneficial for the voice. The voice cups are new to me and I'm still experimenting with them, but can already tell that they help to shape and balance the vowels better.


I’m a professional singer and have had used my share of disposable coffee stirrers and straws. I was skeptical to make this purchase but so glad I did! It has changed my singing in just a few weeks. Everything feels so easy! My voice is smoother, more supported, and everything just feels right. I love the different size options to adjust for how my voice is feeling day to day or exercise to exercise. Highly recommend buying these straws and cups.

Excellent Product

This tool is extremely helpful to get my voice up and running. You will be happy with the results!