The Voice Cups

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  • Black Cup- fits the 3 mm straws
  • White Cup- fits the 6 mm straws
  • 1- velvet carrying case


Many people understand the value of the straw and what it can do for your voice.  But the question is always...Now what?   When you sing and/or articulate the vocal tract positioning you achieved with the straw has to move. Well.....You are absolutely right!  It does!  How can you keep that same feeling? are going to add the The Voice Cup to your routine.   This is the missing piece that many people don't do.  

By using the Voice Cup you are going to be working acoustical pressure.  Hooray!  The voice straw regulates aerodynamic pressures while the cup balances acoustical pressure making it a complete vocal package. When you add the Voice Cup, with the straw, you are able to get a tight seal around your mouth and actually sing, talk, yell, distort all while getting the vocal tract to remain its it healthy configuration! 

The Voice Cups are made with top grade silicone.  Easily collapsible so you can throw them in a bag for easy travel. 

Cleaning Instructions

We recommend hand washing and not putting them in the dishwasher.  

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Kelly Pruner

The Voice Cups

Bruce McClurg

The Voice Cups

Vivian Dettbarn-Slaughter
I love this product

Not only do the voice straw cups allow me to use various vowel shapes and text, but the cups add an extra layer of awareness to the way the breath is being used. I have always been a big fan of SOVT phonation exercises for my students, and this is a tool that gives an even more intense awareness of breath management and support. Great product.

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The BEST Vocal Straw on the Market

I appreciate that they give you different sized straws in a practical and realistic tool kit. I have several of the singing straw products on the market, Voice Straw is the best option. Robert Lunte - Founder of The Vocalist Studio.

The Voice Straw and Cup Combo Kit

Daily use!

I love my voice straw!! I keep it in my purse for daily use!

Changed my world in a month!!!

This system has truly changed my life. I had all but given up on vocal exercises, especially vocal warm ups, as they always leave me feeling tired and strained pre show. Not with vocal straw!!! 95% of my shows are solo, 4 hour shows. I drive at least 4 hours per show, all over the country, and do all the set up and tear down. Generally I play anywhere from 4 to 6 shows a week, and I’m not a vocally timid performer. The voice straw has kept my voice going day after day. Even on the days when I thought I’d have nothing left. This month I played 26 shows, and I’ve never felt more backed up, and confident, that this schedule isn’t going to be short lived, thanks to The Voice Straw.

One suggestion; it’d be so useful for people like me, who don’t necessarily have to time, or a dedicated backstage to warm up pre show, if there were more guidance for a pre show warm up routine with the cup. I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants with that, doing the provided exercises in the last hour of my drive before arriving at the venue, and setting up up the PA. I hope that’s correct…? Also, any cool down routines, and advice on how soon after singing they need to be done would be super appreciated. Warming down whilst tearing gear down, and dodging the drunks can be problematic. I hope I’m getting right…Thanks you!!!


Nothing but Raves

It came beautifully packaged . . . that I wasn't expecting. The storage bag is convenient and chic! The multiple straw options is a game changer. They are easy to clean and I can just throw them in my bag so I have them when needed. I love the exercises provided as well. Nothing but Raves!