The Voice Straw Workouts

The Voice Straw Workout plans for

  • Women
  • Men
  • Teen Boys

Provided in either English or Español

 These workout plans include:

  • Audio and Video on how to find the right size straw combination for you. 
  • When you would need to experience different sizes
  • How to use the straw
  • What you should feel
  • Audio and Video tracks to that have a proven track record on helping you find connection, balance, build your range, and work on dynamics
  • Video on when you use and how to use the Voice Cups for speech and singing

With the purchase of The Voice Straw complete kit you will receive a complete audio and video workout plans that is already included in the price your purchase.  This will be sent to you via a zip drive for you to download onto your computer.    

Sample Clip of Workout Clip



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