Inside the Voice Straw Workout

These downloadable vocal workouts contain audio and video workouts for voice users.

In the workouts, you will learn how to:

• Find the right size straw for your voice

• Recognize how straw phonation should feel

• Find connection, balance, build your range, and work on dynamics

• Use the Voice Cups for speech and singing

• Use scale patterns and speaking patterns to help improve, strengthen and build your voice.  


These workouts are geared for singers, speakers, and anyone wanting to find vocal balance.

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  • man using a voice straw and voice straw workouts

    For Men

  • woman using a voice straw and voice straw workouts

    For Women

  • teen boy using voice straw to record in a studio

    For Teens

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When you order the Voice Straw & Cup Combo Kit, you will receive a zip file containing your vocal workouts. If you don’t see it in your email inbox, please check your spam folders.

Personalized Workouts

If you are interested in a personalized workout that is specific to you and your vocal abilities, please email our customer service at We are happy to connect you with a Voice Straw affiliate. Our affiliates are well equipped to help you create a Voice Straw workout customized for you and your needs. 

Rates are subject to the Affiliate's Session Pricing.  

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