The Voice Straw Workouts

The Voice Straw Workout plans for

  • Women
  • Men
  • Teen Boys

Provided in either English or Español

 These workout plans include:

  • Audio and Video on how to find the right size straw combination for you. 
  • When you would need to experience different sizes
  • How to use the straw
  • What you should feel
  • Audio and Video tracks to that have a proven track record on helping you find connection, balance, build your range, and work on dynamics
  • Video on when you use and how to use the Voice Cups for speech and singing

With the purchase of The Voice Straw complete kit you will receive a complete audio and video workout plans that is already included in the price your purchase.  This will be sent to you via a zip drive for you to download onto your computer.    

Sample Clip of Workout Clip



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112 reviews

I’m a professional singer and have had used my share of disposable coffee stirrers and straws. I was skeptical to make this purchase but so glad I did! It has changed my singing in just a few weeks. Everything feels so easy! My voice is smoother, more supported, and everything just feels right. I love the different size options to adjust for how my voice is feeling day to day or exercise to exercise. Highly recommend buying these straws and cups.

Excellent Product

This tool is extremely helpful to get my voice up and running. You will be happy with the results!

Great help for vocal warmups and exercises!

So far I am able to use the straws and cups to assist me during my practice sessions. I love how they provide another dynamic!

The Voice Cups
Abigail Walker

love them


Excellent product