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Welcome to your Voice Straw journey. Whether you’re a singer, voice actor, professional speaker, or just want to learn how to vocalize better, the Voice Straw is here to help you get your voice in top shape to eliminate strain, cracking, flipping, and discomfort.

  • Is Voice Straw Right For You?

    Voice Straw isn't "magic". It's founded on over 20 years of science and lab work on why straw phonation and tube singing really works.

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  • Who Is Voice Straw For?

    This system is a game changer for all voice users. Get your vocal tract and vocal system in perfect alignment and perfect balance, so your voice to be as effective, strong, and efficient as possible.

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  • Why You Should Use A Straw

    This system gets your vocal tract and vocal folds in in their correct position so you can reach vocal freedom.

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We believe vocalizing should feel easy.

The Voice Straw is a simple tool that yields big results.

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Get Started in 4 Easy Steps

hands holding a straw brush and voice straw

Step 1:


Put a dab of dish soap on the cleaning brush. Scrub the inside
and outside of each straw, end-to-end. Rinse straws thoroughly
with hot water. Let straws air dry in a dry, ventilated place. Do not
put straws away wet. Clean and rinse cleaning brush regularly.
utilizes voice projection.

woman giving neck gentle massage

Step 2:


Place your hand on your larynx, where your Adam’s apple is (or would be). Pant like a small dog. The larynx should rise. Now, pant like a big dog. The larynx should lower. The resting position of your larynx should be between these two extremes.

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woman using a voice straw

Step 3:


Start with the biggest straw first. Make sure your larynx is in its resting position. Wrap your lips tight around the straw, making sure no air is escaping through your mouth or nose. Blow air into the straw in a steady stream. Now, give a gentle whoop, like you’re starting a cold car.

If you feel like you’re blowing air into the straw with no resistance, choose a smaller size.

Repeat the above exercises with smaller straws. If you feel tension or squeezing in your throat, choose a larger size.

When you have the correct size, you should feel a gentle expansion in the throat when you blow into the straw. There should be no pain or tension.

The right straw size for you may vary day-to-day. You may need to use a larger size after a difficult vocal session or if your voice is tired. Repeat this process every time you practice with the straw to ensure the right fit.

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close up image of woman using voice straw

Step 4:


Once you’ve found the correct straw size, start with some gentle low-to high pitch glides into the straw. Experiment with dynamics.

When you feel comfortable vocalizing into the straw, you’re ready to begin the exercises included in this kit.

Explore Vocal Workouts
close up of woman using voice straw and voice cup

Step 5:


When you’ve moved through the straw-only exercises included in this kit, you’re ready to add the cup. The cup allows you to add vowels and consonants while maintaining comfortable pressure in the throat.

Washing your cups

Submerge cups in hot, soapy water. Scrub the inside and outside of each cup. Rinse the cups thoroughly with hot water. Let cups air dry in a dry, ventilated place. Do not put cups away wet. Clean and rinse cleaning brush regularly.

Choosing the right cup size

If you’re using the largest straw size, use the white cup. If you’re using any of the smaller straw sizes, use the black cup.

Adding the cup to the straw

Insert the straw into the cup. Form a tight seal around your lips with the cup. Make sure no air is escaping. The straw should not be inside your mouth.

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woman using voice straw in water bottle

Straw Tip!


If you’d like to experiment with creating more pressure from the straw, try putting the end of the straw in water. Start with blowing gentle bubbles, and gradually incorporate your vocal exercises.

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