About The Voice Straw

woman using voice straw to warm up and man playing piano. Voice Straw is the #1 tool for professional singers, actors, speakers and daily voice users. It's backed by science and utilizes straw phonation to make singing and speaking easier.

Backed by science:

The Voice Straw is the ultimate vocal training tool for singers, actors, and speakers. Its uniquely designed to relieve tension, strain, breathiness, cracking, and flipping in the voice. The Voice Straw is scientifically proven to advance vocal technique for singers, voiceover actors, and any voice users who utilize voice projection. Any voice professional looking to strengthen their voice and improve their sound, The Voice Straw is a must-have tool!

The Science Behind Straw Phonation


Mindy Pack is a globally recognized expert in the field of vocal coaching and Clinical Vocology.   With a background as a vocalist herself, a global educator, a lifelong learner, and decades of working with the world’s top artists, she was driven by the frustration of not having access to specialized tools for singers and voice users, akin to what other musical instruments had.  Her passion for voice and her self-proclaimed “voice nerd” status led her down the path of Voice Science, where she had the unique opportunity to study alongside leading scientists to delve into the intricacies of straw phonation.  Her educational journey eventually brought her to a voice lab, where the concept of singing through straws and cups struck her as a revelation. 
This realization fueled her determination to develop the Voice Straw system, a product that stands out through its due to its profound grounding in scientific principles.  Countless years of diligent research, collaboration with renowned voice scientists, physicians, and a deep exploration of the technical aspects of vocal performance culminated in the creation of the Voice Straw system.  
What make the Voice Straw truly exceptional is that it doesn’t exist in isolation.  Mindy Packs’ innovative approach includes Voice Cups as an integral Component, forming a comprehensive vocal training kit.  The Voice Straw system represents a transformative breakthrough for all levels, offering a holistic solution that blends voice science and the real-world vocal needs through its practical application.