Adding the Cup to the Voice Straw

Adding the cup to the Voice Straw

Voice Cup and Straw

When we train with the straw, everything we are positioning is happening in the larynx and vocal cord level.   Our target is NOT vowels and speech.  Our target is the epi-laryngeal tube, position of the vocal folds and the pharynx which should remain relatively constant.  We are going for the constant "inertance" and then we change everything above the glottis to benefit it even more.  

Obviously, you cannot talk and sing when you have a straw in the mouth. The straw is not training vowel and consonant position. That happens in the upper part of the pharynx.  Many people out there wonder WHY then straw and HOW they can keep that same feeling you get with the straw when you add vowels and consonants.  This is where the cups come in. When you add the cup you are able to use the vowels and articulate but you are still creating the aerodynamic changes on the vocal folds AND with the straw in it we are helping the acoustical pressures. You are now able to articulate and sing while keep the vocal tube at its peak performance.   This is optimal training for singing, high energy speech, and yelling and screaming.  


Straw in the Cup

Once you get the straw phonation down.  Add the cup.

Make sure you don’t have leakage of air out your nose.  Plug your nose and make sure you have a tight seal.  Now talk, sing, and articulate. 

Audio Instructions will be sent to you in the workout audio/videos.