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Excellent and Comprehensive Voice Therapy Tool

The Voice Straw has thought of everything one would need to conduct vocal exercises and allows the user to start at the basic foundation with projecting voice through a straw and advance to using a cup to maintain that perfect position while talking. I have loved having everything I need and being able to take it with me! Thank you Voice Straw, no more scouring restaurants and convenience stores for different size straws!🙂

My voice is saved!

I have been a professional singer for over 20 years now. Over the last several years, I have been fighting a giant airy patch right in the middle of my belt. I was starting to get quite discouraged thinking I was dehydrated, lost my technique, had a serious problem with my vocal cords, etc.

I'll be honest though, when I first heard about The Voice Straw, I rolled my eyes and thought how on earth is that not a gimmick? However, I started to become desperate to fix my voice as I'm rehearsing a new show, and I thought desperate times called for desperate measures, so I reluctantly ordered The Voice Straw.

Long story short, The Voice Straw is worth every penny and then some! It arrived in the mail, and I followed the instructions and made it through about 3 or 4 warm ups, and I kid you not, my voice was stronger and I had more control over it than I've ever had. That airy patch in my voice was gone after one session! Now, I'm about 8 practice sessions in, and I'm feeling better vocally that I have in years. I'm no longer afraid of the new show I'm learning, and I will have the vocal straw on the side of the stage when I need it during any and all future shows. Thank you!!

Best Singing Tool. Period.

I noticed an immediate difference in my voice using the voice straws + cups set. In just two weeks my range has expanded in both directions, vocal support has improved, and tension I never even realized I had has been reduced. I also live in a NYC apartment and the straws/cups allow me to warm up and rehearse in my apartment without noise complaints from neighbors.


I'm a lazy singer; I hate to warm up. My singing voice has been getting a bit rusty this pandemic. A friend recommended the Voice Straw and after doing the warm-ups on Day 1, I actually burst into tears while singing a song. The difference in my voice was like night and day. I felt like I had more lung power than ever before. Grateful to have found this product.

The Voice Straw and Cup Combo Kit